Wednesday, 29 October 2014

first game with necrons

so after trading my orges for necrons I spent a few weeks prepping them and buying more bits for them to boost them up to be a super awesome fighting force and iv had my first game with them.

I used this list


death marks x7

death marks x8

warriors x9
ghost ark
warriors x10
ghost ark

wraiths x5
3 coils

barges x2

I would like to add another barge and destroyer lords to this list and boost up the death marks for a 1750 list

thoughts overall  the av13 wall worked really well and with necrons being skimmers they can jink and it doesn't really effect their shooting as a 6 is 3 hits lol the death mark  bombs worked really well and will be even better with destroyer lords to make them re-roll 1's the only down side is they got focussed hard after their initially volley and against d scythes they didn't last long lol :D

overall I like the army its not as fast as my eldar or dar eldar but it has a lot of solid shooting that is hard to ignore.

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