Sunday, 12 October 2014

malifaux 101

iv had my intro game of malifaux and its very gd  the system its self is very different from warmachine/hordes  GW; these are my examples for differences as these are my other games. ill try and do it in order of play ish lol

firstly their is no dice the entire mechanics revolve around a deck of cards called the fate deck which is a 54 card deck like a playing card deck.  this is used to set up determine schemes and use abilities etc while playing.

winning malifuax is purely based on VP's so tabling an opponent is not an auto win like in other games it jus stops the game quicker.  which is different from standard wargames like GW n PP.

so set up
1. board set up  this is played on a 3x3 its not true line of sight this is done from base 2 base like PP . 
2. next is encounter size ie pts etc.  in malifuax the currency is soul stones  a number is agreed and this is the pts limit; soul stones are also used in game ill discuss this later. 
3. announce factions unlike GW n PP the lists aren't generated before u start which means that their is much more flexibility to create a list that works best for u.
4. their are 4 deployment styles in malifuax determined by a card draw from the fate deck.
5. next is strategies and schemes their are 5 strategies to choose from determined by a draw and 19 schemes available determined by a draw again which means ull have atleast 6 ways to score victory points
6. now u kno wat the missions are u can take the models that will best help u win which is done now up to the agreed limit of soul stones.  these stones are used to hire the crew the leader is either a henchmen or master who is free.  masters  can also buy up 2 3 upgrades and henchmen can buy 2.  soul stones can be spent to add to the soul stone pool during the game up to a max of seven, all masters/henchmen add a set value.
7. now players choose 2 of the schemes that are available from those generated.  schemes can be revealed for more points but this is optional its time to deploy this is done by a draw  highest card chooses.

now its time 2 play!! players draw 6 cards from their deck to make their hand these cards are used to cheat during actions

models generate 2 action points and masters generate 3. u cant score pts in turn 1 so generally this turn is used to move and set up for turn 2.

the turn itself  is 1 model per player  their are special abilities that let u move more than 1 but generally ull move 1 model perform all actions (like warmachine) then its the opponents turn.

the main benefit of this is that u don't have 2 take a pummeling and then retaliate with wat u have left u can make quick counters and their is a lot more depth compared to a full turn.

melee shooting and magic all use a duel mechanic and this is done with the cards and the stats of the models for example

a melee u draw a card add this to ur melee stat and have 2 beat their def    the opponent does the same.  after this u have a chance to cheat so u can win.

the difference in this score will also determin the amount of damage that is done  with modifiers so the greater the amount the more damage u will do.

that's quite a simplified overview of malifaux  the next thing is the models are mainly  plastic so those that don't like metal will be happy and the models are quite dynamic as well. 

the price is also very reasonable a crew deck and rulebook can be as much as 40 quid which makes start up costs very cheap compared to GW  PP  is only 30 quid ish for a starter set but u don't get a full rulebook.. 

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