Tuesday, 7 October 2014

gd game gd game

so I tried out dark elder n ergh!!!  I need to look at making some significant changes to the list im not sure what tho 

I only used models I had n while wyches are troops they didn't do much this game so I think rather than make them such a huge point sink ill make em cheap n get sumthin else

my main changes will be bikes for scourges at 120pts  for a unit of 5 with haywire blasters its awesome id also back them up with my farseer casting  guide/prescience  for the much needed re-rolls to boost their output

I think ill keep the ravagers for now but I am also mightly tempted to change these for reapers as more haywire is better for anti tank  which should balance out with 5 venoms for anti infantry and blasters for 2+ save guys

I started malifaux on a side note another lil skirmish game like warmachine but most models are plastic yay!!

so im kinda readin the rules for that n got a crew which ill finish buyin stuff for in the next few weeks  as it can be done quicker than the necrons

im doing intro games 2moz so ill post up thoughts etc after that

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