Sunday, 20 September 2015

40k winners/losers

well  im officially jumping ship  and getting rid of the tau  the main reason is I have

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the top the best the most awesome D filled codex in 40k  and everyone hates eldar lol

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I was looking for a decent demons pic and found this suitably freaky pic! demons yea another army that people hate lots of psykers and punchability fast mobile and annoying with either belakor or a screamer star

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lastly necrons  they are super slow and unkillable  5+  inv VS shooting  4++ re-rolling 1's reanimation and can reach out and touch any unit and wound/glance it on 6's

these are top codex's don't need allies 2 make u cry or bring the PAIN

on the flip side

rubbish saves cardboard vehicles  but all the poison and haywire u can shake a stick at and the corpse thief keeps me in the game or wins the game for me so much lol

so on balance I have 3 top codex's compared 2 1 low tier codex and i'd like to change that !!

so skittarrii and ad mech are generally quite weak low saves/toughness  mixed with decent saves toughness and lost of sweet combos makes this army like dark eldar a lovely swiss army nice that will still leave a hole in a top codex that isn't ready for the pain and winning with a codex that sucks is awesome lol

so tau are out  and im back on the imperium train lol

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