Sunday, 10 April 2016

beyond the legion

iv have mused about staying with hordes for my 2nd faction but while I was cleaning out more stuff from my parents I found these!

now in knew I had them as  sold the faction deck n book to a friend but iv got nearly 40pts give or take so rather than buy another faction ill expand these as id forgotten just how much I had

so with my legion nearly finished(what I own)  I am looking foreward to painting the undead!

and decided that I like the look of this scheme its simple and different so rather than follow the full range like I did with legion and tie it all in  ill go more loose n have the battle group like this then change it up for the other units and models except the battle engine which will follow the same scheme

ill be painting up the battle group first so then I have another faction for the intro games and doing demo's

iv already looked at my 2nd caster which will be pskarre and 3rd will be undecided  at present both skarre and denny are awesome casters so it may end up being a random caster based on how awesome they look  goreshade lord of ruin or denny3 on dragon spring to mind but well see!

(as a side note I also need 2 paint up the rest of my necron characters finish that army off as well )

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