Saturday, 16 April 2016

warmahordes mk3

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well damn !!  mk3 the secret is out and OMG I had so many plays to reboot my legion and start a cryx force but that's out the window! 

so whats happened well  EVERYTHING is changing from premeasuring to points costs gargantuans new casters!!  and battle boxes  and this all kicks off in june!!

here are the battle boxes for cryx and legion

Image result for warmachine mk3 battle boxes

Image result for warmachine mk 3 cryx

this also shows you all the juicy extras  like tokens n things that were previously an extra you had 2 buy separate  also  new casters are shown   ill also need 2 buy both faction decks so iv got the updated cards as well.

its all exciting and well see wat happens when it drops!


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