Saturday, 30 April 2016

hypothesis on wb/wj points!!

well  cryx  was  teased in the latest insider and if ur reading this before that why!!!!

here it is!!  give it a whirl then come back!! ready good!

so  spoiler! denegrha is now wj28 rather than 5 to counter the increased costs off warjacks which is quite interesting bcoz this technically is x5 +3  so if they did this for every caster this is what you end up with

so casters that are WJ/WB
+3 are now +18
+4  are now +23
+5 are now +28
+6 are now +33
+7 are now +38

this is interesting especially with points bein roughly doubled  for beasts n jacks  the casters go from a difference of 4 to 20  which in itself is a free heavy/light jack or beast so with 75pts being the new staple

well have to hope that the  lower end casters get lots of spells n things to make them worth it as  18pts gets u a heavy n a light  and 38pts gets you 3 heavies and 1 light maybe more! depending on cost

but this will all be revealed when the rules drop in 6 weeks give or take!

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