Saturday, 2 March 2013

the bubble of reality bursts and chaos reigns!

so iv got the chaos deamons codex firstly  its crisp and clean like the first 2 codex's so far iv read the fluff and its great (as your reading this im reading the codex and updating each section with thoughts etc etc)

iv jus read the  fluff for  each chaos god and their  is alot of similarities to the previous  codex  this is where phill kelly shines unfortunately robin cruddance  has crapped on the codex a little

these  were pretty accurate  deamons are fearless but no eternal warrior! the warlord table is quite nice so is the warp storm table is random

demonic instability is a LD test now most units have a low LD which can be boosted by a herald who is LD 8

the legions them selves

Khorne - 
this makes no  sense  they all have  high  WS/BS   bloodthirsters  are 10/10  for example the only thing with a decent save is bloodthirster skull taker skarbrand  these have  a 3+ armour save the rest INCLUDING  JUGGERNAUGHTS have a 6+ armour and a 5++ which makes no sense  y give them armour if the inv is better

although the fluff has stayed pretty mutch the same its a small concellation prize  khorne was bad before now its even worse

tzeentch-  my fave  but from looking at the lord of change their allready ruined


karios  fateweaver is psyker lv4  and knows loads of powers :D 

flamers  not sure if they have changed  yet as i reading thru entires first 

very tough  heralds are I4 lol
epideamius only works with in 6"  no feel no pain  but  can get it from the tally  and its a 4+

i only really took  feinds and they are worse   ws4  instead of 5  wounds 3 tho attacks 3 instead of 5

un-marked units

deamon princes same as  codex -csm 
soul grinder hasnt changed
neither have furies

weapons items n other stuff

all the weapons have lost of added rules i suppose this is where they try n make the codex different but i dont think it worked

theirs lots of kool thigns to go thru  hte best are

grimoire of true names  on a 3+ u get 2+  to the inv of any unit in 24" or make an eny unit have -1 to their inv saves

doom stone  -d6 to the LD of any unit thats in combat

eternal  blade ad D3  ws i and attack  and +1 str but no ap  so its best on a DP lol

their are plenty of combo's u can do i think the portal glyph ill be quite kool to use

the only thing to do is look at a brand new list!!!

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