Tuesday, 5 March 2013

40k codex supplements

for aslong as i can remember  their has allways been a power creap  in 40k  the latest books were allways the best and their fore created a gap  between these codex's and the older ones.

but with the arrival of 6th ed  their has been no power creap  the 6th ed codex's  by them selves are  not powerfull at all their very balanced and nothing stands out as an auto choice for a strong build.

and here is why!

6th ed  brought allies  and with allies comes  a  bigger  picture the new codex's are no longer stand alone books  their supplements  to other armies so the realistic way to read a 6th ed codex is to see which army you have that you can fill with extras to boost your army.  its not that these codex'scant function  as a stand alone codex they can and will but i believe that 6th ed is now all about allies and bringing new combos  to the table. i also think this will carry on with each new codex  that comes out OR ill be very surprised if they write a power dex that can dominate  everything else

so embrace allies  and see wat it can do for you!!

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