Friday, 22 March 2013

choosing a new army

well tau are just around the corner and iv allways wanted a nids army BUT i have only 1 fantasy army so iv decided to get a heavy CC fantasy army im gunna go purey on models and rate each section out of 5 for variety n awesomeness after that ill need to go thru the codex's n whittle them down to 2 choices :D
lords and heroes - quite nice looking 3/5
core - hmmm their ok they could be worse 3/5
special - i like these 4/5
rare - awesome models to make great centre peices!  5/5

overall i dont like some faces on the models but well see wat lists they make

lord n hereos -  their ok  3/5
core - lots of horses means not much variety 3/5
special - i like the pegasus knights -3/5
rare - more horses - 3/5

overall  its lots of static models n knights on horses not even loads of 2+ saves can get around those boring models lol

ogre kingdoms
lord n heroes -  they all look great 4/5
core - like most armies its quite repitive 3/5
special - i love the mournfang cavelry 4/5
rare - gorgers and stonetusks!  4/5

overall  plenty of large models to make centerpieces for  an army

orks n goblins

lords n heroes - some nice centre peices n pretty funky overall  4/5
core - some nice options 4/5
special - boar boys or black orcs 3/5
rare - big spyder squigs and a random wagon full off gobbos 3/5

overall some great stuff  pleny of options for a mounted fast moving army lol

lord n heroes - they look ok the only real models i like tho are the plague furnace or vermin lord 2/5
core - some interesting choices   rat ogres  wheels and ratling guns 3/5
special - more rats n nothin really stands out model wise maybe the rules will make somethign stand out 2/5
rare - all gd choice 4/5 i think the hell pit stands out above the rest

vampire counts
lord n heroes - lots of nice options after they got re done with big centre peices 4/5
core - 3/5  they look nice enough 
special - their are 4 nice looking choices 4/5
rare - whether their large kits like the terrorgheist or small kits like a cairnwraith  theirs plenty of nice looking models in this range 4/5

overall i still i have a soft spot for the vamps  the horde is putting me off slightly but their are so any nice chocies

warrriors of chaos
lord n heroes -  a very nice range of models 4/5
core - their arent many choices here that i like 3/5
special -  like the hq's they did really well with the models 4/5
rare - their arent many chocies here   3/5

so skaven are out and so are brettonians  

its now between  beastmen  orgres  orks n goblins vamps and warriors of chaos

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