Friday, 22 March 2013

dark elves

well iv been busy learning fantasy and im now more happy with the list i have for my dark elves  iv started drawing more and having closer games, which is good iv also got a better list that balances  magic with CC  its quite character  heavy  2 lord and 2 heroes then a core mixture of CC and shooting with rare choices that do the same

broken down i have
magic phase a lv4 with depending on the foe  dark ef magic  or shadow for support then a lv2 with dark elf magic

75 shots split between 7units  which are 2x10 crossbowmen 2x5 dark riders 2 bolt throwers and lv2 sorcerers with life taker

CC units i have 2 hydras and 28 corsairs with full command their banner and a dreadlord in that unit with heart seeker ring of darkness to improve their durability and a bsb with ASF banner and a great weapon so theyll kick out lots of attacks i can also run them as a horde  but that means i wont get the re-rolls on other units as a horde is massive 

all i have left to do is try it

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