Wednesday, 11 March 2015

from jump 2 jet

well destroyers and lords are now jet pack infantry as I don't use destroyers that's fine but for my destroyer lord he jus cant keep up with the wraiths. which means I need another job for them  and the main things I can see them doin is now cheap support for other units their are loads of different places they can go

deathmarks are the first and best place for them a unit of 10 that's 20 shots re-rolling 1 hit n wounds will drop a nice big unit or MC like wraithknights, riptides with lovely rending :D

large units of warriors or immortals with tesla  they improve the amount of shots dramatically even large blocks of warriors will notice a difference

slower units like lychguard and praetorians will benefit from the CC boost and the AP2 from the lord

from now on  this is what my lords will be doing

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