Sunday, 15 March 2015

necrons decurion detachments and u!!!!!!

well necrons have been out for a while and while most of us are sticking to the CAD  way of playing I think the Decurion is the way to go so doesn't matter how you say it lets dive in n see wats wat!!

firstly from a fluff stand point this detachment lets u run a horde of shuffling robots like the fluff which is really gd for those that want to go down that route

and secondly their are tonnes of decent rules and combos so here is my new Decurion list n ill break down the sections n wat they give with alternative choices the main thing to remember is u sacrifice objective secured for a +1 to reanimation protocols

firstly the reclamation legion is the core of the army and can be made as big or as small as u want

warriors x20
warriors x13
immortals x5
lychguard x10
tomb blades x3

these get re-rolls of 1 to reanimation protocols and on a 4+/5+ is very gd  from here I can make the units bigger and add more units if I wanted although at the moment its roughly 1k so u can quickly sink lots of points in to this

zandrekh is the main badass not quite a demon prince but he can choose any warlord trait from any table which makes the command table very interesting   lots of re-rolls and ld ship shenanigans

or strategic  for stealth ruins is very gd for turn 2 n bolstering units durability

if I was taking lots of big units and really bumping this out I wud add in a

royal court
cryptek x2

the overlord and lord are cheap ways to get more warscythes into the army as well as crypteks and szeras

szeras is their to give units within 6"  +1 to reanimation protocols and cyrpteks give u +1 to their unit so u end up with units that can get 3+ or better reanimation protocols BUT u cant get them that low unfortunately  but the flip side is that ID weapons who take -1 off the number will still keep it at 4+ regardless which is very gd

this is also quite usefull if the legion will be the main bulk of the list if not it may not be needed as its a gd 400+pts for the set up  res orbs on lords is a cheaper option

now for damage their are lots of different options here to suit different play styles some formations require models u may not like/use so a normal CAD may be a gd option as well to get specific units like flayed ones and death marks

firstly im taking

canoptek harvest
scarabs x6
wraiths x6

this is quite a cheap option at 428pts  and u get

to choose shred reanimation protocols or fleet 

fleet isn't something I wud b choosing much as the main units don't need it

having used spyders twice now I like them so to make them better id take shred and wriaths with shred is amazing lol  also to start reanimation protocols on both these units make them ultra durable and the spyder can add a base a turn 2 the scarabs for a total unit size of 13 and with 4 attacks per base its nothing to sniff at!!

to round off this list iv employed some anti infantry shooting with a

destroyer cult
destroyer lord
destroyers x4 3units

these already have preffered enemy which is awesome but they get move thru cover so no terrain tests and re-roll  fail wound and armour pens  and 2 shot at str5 ap3 is awesome then top it off with 3+/4+ they are very durable as well as being great at mowing down space marines and hopefully wraithknights and NID MC

so that's my 2k list 

how I imagine this list working for tactics is by putting as many objectives on the 12" line as possible and jus march the army up onto them and at this range most weapons will be at 12" for twice as many shots!! 

another benefit is relentless so if ur desperate to hold objectives u can rapid fire then charge in all those models lol

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