Monday, 23 March 2015

harlequins formations

here's to finish off the last article on the harlequins and its the formations so ill do them in order !!

cegorachs revenge
this is the big formation that I would most probably use to make the army more hard hitting and durable the best thing about this formation is re-rolls of 1 for  INV saves which is nice especially when its a 5+

along side 3 death jesters and 3 shadow seers u can get 3 beefy units and the solitaire is in their as well for gd measure

u get some sky weavers which are the bikes and I don't think I mentioned them their bikes with a 4+ save and 2 wounds which means broadsides will eat them for breakfast and so will wave serpents with their lovely shields their also 50pts a bike which makes a decent sized unit very expensive

void weavers are a slight tax but its not 2 bad its only 1

serpents brood

the next formation is similar 2 the first no re-rolls but their trick is 2 embark on to unoccupied transport from hit n runs and consolidations which is really kool  still need voidweavers and 2 sky weaver units

cast of players

1 troupe death jester and shadow seer

probably the cheapest formation an grants a crusader bubble 2 DE and eldar units within 6"

cegorach's jest

a cheaper version of the top 1 but less special rules bit rubbish really

heroes path

shadow seer solitaire deathjester get shrouded stealth and infiltrate hmmmm looks like an easy first blood for some armies here

falchous blade

voidwaevers and 2 sky weavers  these get re-rolls on jinks which is very gd for the bikes  makes em worth taking

and that's it I should mention a max bike unit of 6 is 300pts with out upgrades so like all other units their mega expensive for not a lot

the  I would take is the first really n use my required slots as anti tank units or jus cheap units

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