Sunday, 22 March 2015

new codex new format !!!! ish lol

so iv decided to shake up my blog with pictures as the other blogs I read do sumthin similar jus 2 break up all that reading and I can use my strange humour to amaze and astound lol

so  wat have I read recently

that's right  harlequins got a new codex so I got my hands on it and well its not great  really  theirs definitely things wrong with it  but what did they do well if anything?

the first thing is the army wide ability to run then charge in the same turn at turn 2 which means getting across the board loads easier and turn 2 charges are highly likely

death jester being able 2 make a unit fall back in any direction is very powerful as well setting up charges is a dead cert if u can get the wound thru so itll work on weaker units but may struggle with tougher units

a nice bonus is fear  which wont really help VS  marines but its a nice lil bonus to possibly increase hits

as for powers  veil of tears is the best and its primaris so I wud take that and psychic shriek

im now kinda struggling to decide if their is anything else  their are some LD bomb combos u can do that include DE  archons and the l;aughing gods eye n DS in a unit but as for a stand alone dex im scraping the barrel 

now wat wrong with this dex

firstly  the main thing is its not obsec as their are no HQ choices 

 T3 models with a 5++ in a heavy shooting environment cant last long and they also cant take objectives without killing wats on them

also they cant be taken as allies as their is no HQ another drawback which means if u want them u need them as primary or a formation

so their the pros n cons of taking this dex lets keep this in mind and dive in to each choice

compulsory is  3 troops 2 fast attack 1 heavy support


the only thing u can choose is a troupe lol and in their pants their 95pts  with an additional 7 for 15pts per model

they have furious charge thank god !! and they are very versatile which means they can fill lots of different roles the down side is the points then sky rocket

then can take a transport the starweaver 70pts with 6 model transport which again means with set up they'll work better with DE I think for DS shenanigans and takin these fills the FA requirement

so options by them selves I wud take 6 with fusion pistols in a starweaver so anti tank to fill my min requirement but this isn't cheap its 765pts for 3 units

lets look at the opposite for this unit  neuro disruptors for anti infantry  ap2 pistols with fleshbane is awesome BUT 720pts  slightly cheaper  but still very expensive

a CC unit with 12 models and harlequins kiss is 260pts  wow!!!

so their racking up really fast!!  it will take lots of balancing to make their pts back or slightly leaner

so in short I reckon keep em basic or only have 1 unit with a dedicated job lol


all the gd stuff is here!!!!!!!

if running  units on foot  ull need 3 shadow seers !!! and I think most ppl will pick these over the other choices shreiker is poison 2+ but ap5 and

solitaire is nice lots of lil tricks id give it stealth n shrouded from the black library 2 keep it alive  


DE have venom spam and harlequins have starweaver spam!!  2 shuriken canons spammed over 6 slots  str6 weapons will do more damage than venom bein poison and with  6 troops as well  u can allways DS with an archon or put in a character

now the boring bit HS
u need2  take the void weaver and well  its gd anti infantry but the blasts wont work if u jink and str7 lance is terrible so don't take loads of these

I think iv rambled enough so ill do formations in another post 


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