Monday, 9 April 2012

40k musings new chaos codex

butcher canon

36"  str8 ap4  heavy4

now we have a new chaos codex comming out soon!!  so wat about some new toys to make us even more divergeant from the main  marines  that mostly dominate every table heres the solution.  each mark gives you a specific bonus  for troops  and if we look at chaos deamons each mark gives a specific set of abilities.  now wat think wud work is giving marks to vehicles  weve allready seen it with the deccimator deamon engine  so why not roll it out for every other vehicle  something like wat the deccimator does allready

having chaos dreadnoughts with mark of korne an butcher canons will easily be a match for those pesky grey knight dreads then we can pew pew them off the table

mark of khorne would add +2 on charge for dreads  OR  either extra shot or 1 point of str on the weapon so 5 becomes 6 etc 9 like psybolts lol but not specific to jus bolters

mark of tzeentch would give a 5+ inv save

mark of nurgle would either ignore  results of 1 or 2 or make the armour 1 point better untill the first glance or pen (like necrons)

mark of slaanesh  would give acess to all sonic weaponry  dual blast master dreads any 1 :D

and i think this would work really well because from rumours  the chaos codex will be like the generic marine codex each hq unlocks certain troops and then with my idea you could make all vehicles specific to the army your playing for example world eaters could have everything with the makr of khorne for extra fluffyness :D


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