Tuesday, 17 April 2012

feinds ready to paint + new projects

firstly  heres some pics  of the seekers that im using as feinds  im very happy with them  im following hte same logic of blood crushers  that these are elite deamonettes given seekers to ride to get around faster and reak more devastatingly beautiful havoc.

so now deamons are nearly over if the next list proves more effective then ill be goin on to finish it with more seekers to complete this list.

loking foreward to the future i have 3 months or so before chaos legions and 6th ed comes out so  ill be doing a vampire counts army  in the mean time   which will consist of :

2 corpse carts
2 mortis engines
120 ghouls
5 hex wraiths

thats a 2400 pts list

so well so how it plays in the next few months gunna proxy it first before i buy anything order of purchases will be:

hex wraiths
then finally ghouls

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