Thursday, 26 April 2012

couldnt sleep so i wrote a list

well iv still got this fecking annoying cough  and couldnt sleep so  i went thru the ork  codex deciding wat units  i like and seeing wat i can throw  together  so  heres my break down of the orky codex 

the standard  combo of big meks  with KFF  is  really gd for foot lists and  mech lists alike.

the fun choices  thraka  cant be ignored  and  for a biker list  wazdakka

now the gd stuff  nobz are great  so are mega nobz 

the fun stuff burna boyz  in a trukk can do plenty of damage  kommandos  with snikrot  for taking out HS chocies like devs  tankbustas arent worth it and  lootas are gd  for high shooting if you want to make a shooty ork army

now the main stay is boyz in trukks or big mobs of boys for foot lists 

then the fun option get a load of gretchin to sit in front of the for a 4+ save for the boyz or have a big unit of gretchin for home objectives

deff koptas rokkits and buzzsaw  for  reserving shenanigans and messing up  vehicles 

fun stuff   has to be stormboyz with  zagstruk 

we have sum tough choices here  i would personally give meganobz a battlewagon so u dont use up a FOC slot  saving  room for the shootier units 

firstly their expensive but flash gits are amazingly gd  value 2 wounds with a pain boy in cover  give you a 4/4 at best  u can also take  ammo runts for each flash git which means  when ur desperate u a re-roll 10 shots  snazzguns may have a short range but str5 and  d6 ap  the average will be 3/4 and u can measure b4 u fire

next  long range via  the big guns!!!  cheaper than  flash gits at ful strength id opt for  1 unit with zzap guns and 1 unit with kannons and ammo runts 

the  looted wagons with boom guns  could be fun 

so heres the list
thraka  225
big mek 
KFF  85

meganobz x5 240
battlewagon 90
deff rolla 20
red paint  5

boyz x12
power klaw
paint job
x4 588

deff koptas x5
rokkits x5
buzz saw x2

flash gits  x8 
more dakka
pain boy
ammo runts x5


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