Friday, 6 April 2012

demonic musings points limit

ok i havent really won any games at 1750 with my deamons so now im wondering why ??

the first thing is lack of experience playing against the range of new armies that are out thier
second thing i thought about is the points limit and heres why

before 5th ed  every body played 1500 points games  then tournaments progresse to 1750  now heres the problem most armies get better with the extra points

for example  white scars biker army at 1500 pts is 2 small to survive now adding 250pts to the mix you can add more troops moer weapons or get a chappy for the command squad and other lil trinkets

now this can be seen across every army im not gunna list them all as id be here all day and i need to finish painting my chariot and get it posted so

deamons get better the smaller they go this is because deamon princes greater deamons etc are so expensive and most people minimise troops so they can max out on other goodies the other benefit to smaller points limit is they become harder to kill  most bolt spam lists 38-42 models depending on units taken etc this doesnt really change between  1500/1750 

lets take the purifier spam grey knights list at 1500 their gunna get 4 rhinos 2 dreads and a chimeara for coteaz and his buddies

now these all have small units in them each 1 will have 2 focus its fire to take down my multi wounded monsters and u have 1 turn or so before the first wave is on you and then next turn you hav fire support comin down as well to deal with tanks the other benefit is they double up s anti infantry with demonic gaze so those small 5 man units become even easier to kill

this theory has been backed up by  deamons winning smaller events ie 1200 1k  points limits

i have 1 more list i should try  and thats something around fate weaver and as i think feinds have been doin alot better than crushers ill do somethign like this

tzeentch chariot x2
fate weaver


feinds x6

feinds x6

plague bearers
plague bearers
plague bearers
plague bearers

demon prince x2

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