Saturday, 7 April 2012

vanguard flash back and whats next

so from day dot iv been using  a balanced set of triggers but u dont need to simply bcoz  draw isnt needed at all and heres why

turn 1 u draw 2 cards
turn 2 u draw 2 cards
turn 3 u draw 2 cards
turn 4 u draw 3 cards

this is based on the assumption that you attack each turn as well.  at turn 4 you now have a grade 3 so draw an extra card for twin drive  so with this in mind iv changed my triggers

critical 6
stand 6
heal 4

iv have made these changes simply bcoz as i sed before draw isnt needed and heres why at turn 4 u draw 2 cards if the first check is a draw trigger that activates before the second check so if u draw a stand or critical or heal it wont work then u do the second check.

so dropping the draw triggers it means that i can play more aggressive and when i drive check ill get either stand or critical or both if im lucky

so wats next  in roughly 9 days  the next 2 pre constructed decks wil be out  which are nova grapplers and oracle think tank 

the advanced decks (booster packs only)  are  pale moon circus  dark irrgulars  tachikaze  and dimensional police

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