Tuesday, 24 April 2012

next outing for deamons

will be VS lee back from OZ  and ready to game.  so  hes  got a GK army  that i cud see or the old tried and tested space wolves

either way itll be a 2k game  that gives me  an extra 250pts to spend  now i can get an extra  deamon prince  and  give my other princes  demonic strength

now the GK might be easier as its a full inquisition army so no 3+  I6 halberds to screw me over  in combat  jus  las guns and monkies  the worst thing ill see are the assassins vindicare is useless  calidus is gd  eversor  is ok  and the other  1 is ok as well  next  the death cult assassins are quite nasty  but  with re-rolls  on all my saves im not worried :P

but with  space wolves ill have  land raiders to deal with will prolly end up wasting a prince 2 pop it  but ill have 6 bolts and breath  and  boon of mutation

itll be gd  gunna  DS into the centre with my crushers and circle everything round them  then fan out keeping fate weaver beheind the crushers so hes safe from combat :D   

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