Thursday, 11 June 2015

heirodules bane off my life!!

Image result for warp spider meme
before I start  their are also other things that annoy me wraithknights n wat not in fact gargants in general annoy me as their is no real way to hurt them  poison etc dunt work n psychic powers while negate some off this are unreliable until now!!

I have played against the same nid opponent 4 times in a row first 2 games using necrons n lost

my 3 game last night was with eldar and I still lost but the list was

3 flyrants
malanthropes x2

he stole  iniative n once they were in the air it was game over I cudnt do nething at all 2 him I scratched stuff n I took my lynx n that died instantly

long story short it didn't go well but we played again  he used a nearly identical list again 2day and I used this list

spirit seer

scatter lasers
ghost walk matrix
x3 units

serpent as above

warp spiders x7
warp spiders x8
warp spiders x8

fire prism
fire prism
both with ghostwalk


so back to why I posted the warp spider pic!   I used 1 unit last nite  and they alone shone like a solar flare by killing a hierodule I had initially written these off with wounding on I, I thought hmmm I dunno if these will work  but here is why they are awesome

u only lose 1 when u roll double 1 to move
an exarch lets u ignore all tests and its only 10pts  

they wound on I which means their specific killers for gargants  and low I units and 6's are ap1

the biggest change is when they are elected as a target u can roll 2d6 and move out this can be done multiple times the only downside is u cant use the 2d6+6 move next turn but u can jump around and move into cover or anything else still testing it jumping foreward 2 get in range and behind LOS blocking terrain are my fave tricks so far

so the current list above will be my main list for the for see able future

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