Wednesday, 24 June 2015


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back on the demon band wagon the army looks great on the table had a few compliments for it as well  which is always nice!!

on to the games that iv played so far

game 1  orks  relic  iv played against this guy a few times with his skitarii and as the force is slightly unfinished iv done ok  so far so as usual I tried going headlong for combat and while this normally works  the huge numbers of orks slowly grinded me down and I failed my charges on turn 1 and made a few mistakes not challenging in some units to take out the powerfists etc n it went down hill

game 2 elder relic so I learnt from my mistakes still goin balls 2 the wall n forgettin what has what its been a while since iv had 2 keep track of lots of powers and gifts (necrons don't have this problem) so that was slow going but I won with some kool tricks like punching stuff in combat with decent powers then using my princes 2 fly and gun down his flyer

game 3 nids  big guns we only got 3 turns in but with the hierodule having those flying princes n lord of change made it a lot better going wounding his flyrants n things vector strikes etc  n then psychic powers it was pretty gd held up a lot better than eldar

so that it so far  game wise iv had 2 pin  at least 8 models so far coz they came off bases so now I'm waiting till iv found which ones are loose then iv gotta re do correction's etc then back 2 full awesomeness

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