Thursday, 4 June 2015

necrons VS nids the results

well  I went up against 2 heirodules 2 flyrants 2 fex's n gaunts  and it all went wrong kinda turn 2

Image result for bad dice meme

I didn't do much turn 1 and he did some slight damage turn 1 main point was I lost my tomb spyder

turn 2 I went re-roll 1's on warlord and move up to do some damage I put a few wounds on a hierodule and a flyrant fell out the sky due 2 some psychic shenanigans that went wrong so he got pumped full of guass and charged  but this was  bad move as that left 40 odd shots off the table and I then cudnt touch nething else

death marks  3 wounds 2 a fex that was gd

but then he put the obsolute hurt on me n I lost my big bad blob star to a heiro dule as well as my scarabs and he killed off near enough al my wraiths and 2 add insult 2 injury he killed the last 1 in combat with gnats AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

so at turn 3 its looking bad  the highlight really was 5 death marks n combat from turn 2 with a fex that lasted pretty much till turn 6 lol

turn 4 I claw back some dignity I killed off a hierodule that was slightly wounded from previous rounds and finished off the flyrant that I charged as well I think (its not in proper order jus how I remember bits lol)

but it wasn't enough  he then spent the next 3 turns mopping up units that jus cud not put out enough fire power

this has made me think that if this was a wraithknight spam list I need ap3 guns!!  so im tempted to drop the canoptek harvest and instead get a destroyer cult

2 day I wil be facing the other list which is a swarm style list with guants n tervigons and a singe hierodule still 2k

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