Sunday, 28 June 2015

painting necrons

their all done!!  I wish  lol  the silver  has been based  washed and drybrushed and now im goin back over the areas that aren't silver so that wen they get painted in their respective colours they'll be darker n go down easier so far iv managed 2 finish the spyder, 5 scarabs and 2 canoptek harvest its slow going

iv also hit the 100+ mark now with my necrons and can field a pretty decent reclamation legion iv looked at running it with all the models I currently have which is

40 warriors
17 immortals
3 bikes
5 lychgaurd

this comes to 1150  the only gear iv bought is shield vanes and scopes for the bikes n this will go up to 1275 once I get my next set of lychguard

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