Tuesday, 2 June 2015

painting necrons colour scheme!!

the game hasn't happened yet jus getting psyched up but on another note I have decided on the scheme for my necrons n they will be tomb world leviathan !!

namely bcoz I got the leviathan paint bundle for 2.55 thanks 2 a massive cock up from GW :D

Image result for games workshop meme

lol so yea im soon 2 be the proud owner of 16 shiny new paints for 2.55  if u missed the top section lol

for those who don't know what is in the bundle and cant check bcoz GW still haven't put it back up for sale on the website yet its this

im wondering if  kislev up to pallid wych flesh  is a gd base for the necron bodies them selves but not sure, this may change  and jus be the glyph colour to keep me from going insane lol

the shoulder pads will be purple

the guns will be black

the orbs n things will be red

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