Thursday, 4 June 2015

rage quit!!!!!!!!!!!

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go damn lost again!!  this time it was 60 gaunts  3 tervigons hierodule malanthrope n venomthrope

I jus don't think the necrons have enough fire power to deal with that volume of models and the hierodule is so difficult 2 kill without any decent high str shooting even  destroyers need 6's

so im gunna come back at it with eldar high volume of shooting and d weapons to take on the hierodule means iv got a good shot at them

I also got 5 more death marks and I need some warriors 2 make 5 more from spare bits that iv got

so ill have 20 jus need 2 change up my list

also the spyder keeps dying and so do the wraiths so its making it even harder

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