Monday, 14 September 2015

war convocation pt1

I've had the blues recently about tau lol get it lol even with the titan having 100's of guns im still unsure im hoping the new models wont jus be a rebrand into "new" boxes as apposed to actual new sculpts and if that happens im hoping ill be able to finally run a nice suit list like enclave gave us

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i'm not so bothered that tau have gone down in power with all the new super combos but I have played them for a yr or so and they were kinda boring i was mainly using the tau gunline n want something more !!

so that's the preamble and here is my more and by god is it more!!

the war convocation

now when i read this i hadn't seen much of the skitarii and same with mechanicus as the formation for those that cant read or live under a rock is this

all units get canticles of the ommnisiah which is a set of 3 that can be used once per turn
1-3 units  u get stubborn
4-7 units get stubborn and re-roll tests
8+ fearless

stealth shrouded

the best i think is

re-roll 1's
re-rolls 1's n 2's
re-roll all failed hits in combat

will work well with rust stalkers/infiltrators

units falling back don't count towards this !

secondly  weapons and wargear including relics are free!!  this is pretty huge imagine all those free points left over to add in more bodies!!

and finally gets hot rule for plasma is removed they no longer get hot lol

so what do u need to make up this army of awesome well firstly

an oathsworn detachment so a knight titan any variant lol
a skitarri battle manicle this is pretty much every unit u can take
battle congregation 1 hq and 2 troops from add mech so u can take other options

the main problem is all these rules will start stacking very fast !!
and that means u have 2 remember them or do a cheat sheet

so basic skittarii end up with scout,crusader, canticles of the ommnissiah, ld10 within 12" of a dune crawler

mix the canticles with +2 WS then re-roll all failed hits  stealth n shrouded for first turn def etc etc the combos are near enough endless

so as the big events in the UK are now multi sourced i can run this style list but can i make it fit 1850 well here goes!!

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