Saturday, 12 September 2015

back 2 painting necrons

so i'm half way thru a lord of change and iv painted 10 fire dragons so now iv gotta get back on with necrons and the main problem was the black to cover where the colour was goin it was taking ages and also that the main colour for deathmarks is black meant it was taking ages so I thought rather than paint a few black then do details id do as much black as possible on as many as I can while its still warm/hot

so in the pic from left to right canoptek harvest fully done!  6 death marks fully done 9 need painting 7 destroyers that need painting and 10 warriors fully done and 10 that need finishing all in all its around 60 models which is half the army so im gunna work on this lot first the warriors took an hour or so to paint up fully so they'll get done faster than I expected them

as its taken a few days to upload this pic its now out of date lol  nearly all bar 2 deathmarks are painted which means I only need 2 paint the destroyers n then im 61 models into this army!!

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