Sunday, 6 September 2015

necrons and other stuff!!

so I've finished more necrons and they are ready for colour!!  only the lychguard left to wash and dry brush now

and here they are !!

iv also started  doing the fire dragons  mainly dry brushing them starting with a deep red then medium red and finally an orange then ill wash them  I liked the black/red look from the bloodletters I did they looked liked they were smouldering so ill give it ago with these

and iv also done the lychguard jus washed and drybrushed that's it really so nothing interesting

but back to the fire dragons  I started with khorne red and I painted the entire model in this 2 thin coats so most of the armour was painted red

next I did a heavy drybrush off evil sunz scarlett 

then another dry brush of blazing orange this was semi heavy

then a final dry brush of jeakero orange this was light ish

then I washed them all carroburg crimson this deepend the red and pulled everything together nicely but I cudnt get a decent picture of them which is annoying

next session will be finishing off the fire dragons and back to painting black on the deathmarks

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