Saturday, 19 September 2015

options and tau!!

so iv looked at the war convocation and looking at all those awesome combos is something I can really dig

I also love the under dog armies and doing well with them is a real buzz

I kinda enjoyed playing the fish heads the static gunline meant regardless of mission their was only 1 real option table them lol which was fine but not all ways great. 

I did want a more jump n shoot style list with suits but the models are terrible and with new models coming out im quite excited to see wat the codex brings

Image result for tough choices meme

I have got lots of options the next one is marines as an alternative  to the war convocation 

I'm not a massive fan of marines but out of all the other armies they are the most appealing

but like the cat I am quite confused but this will end when the new tau book comes out n iv read it

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