Wednesday, 9 September 2015

new list ideas

so the triple scourge list has had a great run so far but iv now swopped out 2 units for 10 fire dragons and an archon with webway portal

and I playtested it last night VS a double GK nemesis strike force n they are brutal lots of shooting DS turn 1 and hit hard in combat

I did make some mistakes with deployment I reserved everything except my bikes talos and scourges as he deployed 1 land raider n I tried being cocky goin for first blood so I scouted my talos n then I found out that everything DS turn 1 so I didn't get first blood and I had 2 run my talos into cover so they cud set them selves up 2 receive a charge from 2 librians in a paladin squad and 5 normal GK termies n they were stuck for 3 turns b4 they died infact they did so bad they didn't even get me any bonus kill points

that aside I was more than happy that id reserved most of my stuff coz turn 2 I turned up the heat my bikes went zooming off grabbing points and my 2 flyers 2 venoms and fire dragons all came in

the venoms whittled down a GK squad
the fire dragons killed a dreadknight

after that I pretty much lost all the dragons 2 massed shooting and combat which sucked

my flyers didn't use any of their shatter field missiles and I messed up n rolled snake eyes so cudnt kill his warlord lol

I did mange 2 survive enough to wrack up a lot of point in the last 2 turns to make it a 10-5 victory

in future VS strike squads I wont scout and ill jus wait n charge them instead

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