Sunday, 31 January 2016

starting the backlog

well  winter isn't exactly over but with a heater I can combat some of the chill to paint and their is still plenty to paint before I can say its all done

still got loads to do really

20 more warriors
17 immortals
3 bikes
5 characters
10 lychguard
7 destroyers
destroyer lord

so this is job number 1!!  then get them a case and back on the table

Image result for legion of everblight symbol

next job  legion of ever blight I have started by doing the beasts and thagrosh to day they are all a lovely dark purple colour

this is 18 beasts and 1 caster i need a new hose for my airbrush then these will be done very fast before moving on to the infantry side of things

well this still hasn't been based black yet so still got a long way to go!!  i have got the guns on the vanguard and rangers so the entire mechanicum side of the formation is now fully built

jus marines but ill keep them separate so i can do the chest pieces  still a long way 2 go with this really

Image result for chaos demon

chaos demons only have a single model left to paint a lonely lord of change

Image result for eldar

last but not least  i need 2 paint up 15 warp spiders and finish the wraithknight gems and base

and that is everything  lots more than the last post but this will bring me up 2 everything in my collection finally fully painted

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