Sunday, 3 January 2016

war gathers in the east (pt6)

so its not quite finished but this is my culexus assassin stood atop a chaos possessed and ready to blow his brains out (the gun I haven't got yet but will soon)

this is the first time I have tried a diorama style base and wouldn't try it with any other model really except this one bcoz its getting hit on 6s for everything lol makes a big difference!!

im really pleased with the posing and how its turned out the assassin is dark elder bits mashed together n the chaos marine is varied pieces of the same   the main problem I see is transporting the model

so this will round off my 2k pt list and at some point I will be trying to fit it into a 1850 list for my anti pysker as currently I have no defence for this 

ill be having a few test games with it at 2k  to see what its like, it will get better once iv had a few more games.

for those of u who haven't read the officio assassinorum dataslate the culexus is the most favourite of all 4 as it has a 12" bubble in which all psychic powers get turned off in a nutshell which is great for killin invisible units lol not only that those that are within the bubble  cant generate warp charge points and cast powers on a 6+ instead of a 4+ which really does shut down psyker heavy armies.

as iv mentioned its 6s to hit a culexus so they are safe pretty much anywhere but T4 means they can b insta gibbed if they are lucky

finally it has a str5 ap2 shot that is equal to the amount of mastery levels in the bubble plus u can add an extra 3 from ur own pool as this is resolved in the psychic phase with infiltrate as well u have a gd chance of taking out something

this will combo nicely with the lumigen from the dune crawler 2 try  get a -1 cover  im also really excited for when I can fire a stupid amount of shots n wipe out fate weaver lol

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