Friday, 29 January 2016


my order  arrived ill be testing out the new GW air range

for those who haven't seen them they are the latest paint range so that those who air brush will more likely buy colours from them rather than Vallejo  better late than never i suppose lol

iv had a lil look and they don't look mega thin which is slightly worrying  but hopefully it wont be to bad

iv ordered genestealer purple i also have a can of xenos purple from army painter which is slightly darker  which will be my base as well as druchii violet to blend them 2 gether.

and im going to split the painting into groups

beasts which includes
8 shredders
4 stingers
1 naga
2 ravagores
1 carnivean
1 scythean

and then the units which will take more time as their is more colour etc

2 shephards
warmongers + chief
cav + annavysa
3 death stalker solos
hex hunters + upgrade

18 beasts  but the scheme is pretty simple n ill do the purple first and then re do the black then a small dry brush of light grey to highlight

im hoping to get all the beasts done this weekend spray can + airbrush shud have them done easy

then the infantry ill hand paint them i think so that will take a lil longer but ill break it up with necrons to make it more interesting

iv also  got my grey/white  air colours  and reds so i can start the mechanicum as well

my aim for this year is to have all these painted up so well see how it goes!!!

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