Saturday, 16 January 2016

unit analysis - rust stalkers

so iv had a few games with the war convocation now and i'm starting to learn how to best use the close combat elements a lot better ill break them both down and go over  them individually with the set up for those that haven't read the 6 part mammoth series that is the building of the army!!  this will get longer as I paint them all not heresy long but close lol

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rust stalkers


chord claw
data spike
omniscient mask

so this is the break down of the unit 5 guys with  a transonic sword and chordclaw plus grenades 

the  chord claw an be swopped for double swords but u only get 2 str7 on the charge its still 5s to wound a wraithknight

so with a chordclaw you get a single fleshbane attack which helps take on higher toughness enemies more easily

data spike is more for the extra haywire !!

the omniscient mask is to make them fearless so they cant be pinned or fall bak

the grenades are small blast  and wound anything on a 4+ regardless of toughness so again another way to hurt higher toughness foes before charging they are also haywire so extra  flexibility for the unit itself

first turn  6's to wound are ap2  after that all attacks are ap2

so that's an overview of how I equip them on to stats n stuff!!

fairly standard stat line ws4  str4  t3 i4 w2 4+ and 6+fnp  so their not thunderwolf cavalry make no mistake they will die pretty fast to any heavy fire or a proper CC unit that hits before them and hard

so whats the upside as playing warconvo u gotta take em!

they are fast with a onus +3" move for moving charging they get around the board pretty quickly and they mitigate charging thru difficult terrain as u get a +1" when charging thru it rather than -2" this will catch people off guard as they zoom towards key targets   they can clear 12" pretty quickly so close packed objectives are a secondary task for this unit 

the main objective  CC with regular  assault type units or shooty units  this is where they will thrive  the unit has  21 attacks on the charge and then the combos from the cards are what makes the really shine these for me benefit mainly from

WS boosts from skittarrii which is obvious

then a mix of admech cards which are quite situational so shud be played with care to benefit the rest of the army or if ur desperate

electromancer  -  basically  as 8+  units u do  3 str4 hits per model in the unit so that's  15 str4 hits at initiative 10 before the unit has attacked !!

remorseless fist -  up to  +3 str very gd for taking down high T units

cant remember the card name but re-rolls in combat  

most of these will help for a certain situation but will help tip the combat in favour of the skittarrii

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