Saturday, 16 January 2016

warmahordes update

now over the past few months I have been playing warmahordes again along side 40k and have been saying for a long time ill repaint them  and with  blight blades being a dual kit and PLASTIC!!  means that my list is going more and more the way I want it to

iv also had to put up with using a semi painted list for a log time now and with last years vow to fully paint armies before I use them and getting a new air brush i'm more determined to get them finished to a nice standard hopefully

Image result for determined meme

so  I went from  white  base coat partly painted

to this

all black that's right the colour I probably should have started with!!

I will still follow the same theme purple skin and black scales and try and make them darker as they go up in size if I can but well see

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