Thursday, 21 January 2016

unit analysis - infiltrators

these are my 2nd  CC unit and they are quite similar to my rust stalkers:

they get the bonus 3" to movement and charge range!!

the 2nd bonus is  a -1 to I and WS ld  means most times they hit on 3's against average units

but that's kinda where they end lol  they also  get to infiltrate which makes the particular set up that I
use really effective against weak units

so I have use the tesla goad which makes them str5 and any 6s to hit is an additional 2 wounds which is awesome

the next and probably the best thing ever is the burst pistol  in a unit of 5 its 25 str2 shred shots so guard, eldar, gaunts, tau warriors basically anything that is T3

so what makes the combo so great  well like most in this list it starts with +1 BS and re-rolls  that's  25  shots  hittin on 2's with re-rolls

this should soften up most targets  ready for a charge  or if they try and charge its another 25 shots with re-rolls lol 

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