Friday, 19 August 2016

legion list number 4!!

so over half way through my casters and here is another new purchase!

Image result for vayl disciple of everblight

so this is the current list that iv written.  I'm also really excited to get her on the table as its the only warlock I have that is really reliant on her battlegroup to do the heavy hitting while she throws out ots of utility and offensive spells.

so onto the list

spell martyr x3
hellmouth x2
blackfrost shard

so this is an untested list so I'm not sure what will happen but here is a general gist

like in most lists that they appear in the hellmouth and proteus will be on pulling duty taking out big hitters before they can take me out !

the black frost shard is their to help stack buffs ! vayl has a great spell list  -2 deff from chiller +2 damage from incite and they add +2 to a target from kiss so i can get +4 dmg and -2 deff so plenty of armour cracking potential!

spell martyr  they run up and help vayl assassinate warlocks with incite u get +1 for each fury so against a fury8 that's pow18 lol :D  it will go down each time its cast as they'll transfer etc but at a cost of 2 u can chuck out 4 unboosted

as this is all about magic  some alternatives are

raiders and assassin 
weve seen this combo before def15 stealthed unit that ignores blast and with a magic attack fits well into this list with kiss it becomes a pow14 spray!!

is another beast that i think fits well with this list  he has a 10" area that does +1 to casting
 values and upkeeps and id like 2 try 2 for a 20" area lol  also they can cast the animus of other beasts so that means the army will be a lot faster as i can cast slipstream multiple times

i have this list paired with abby2 and I'm super excited to try them both !

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