Sunday, 21 August 2016

final list!

so the best has been saved till last!

Image result for thagrosh the messiah art

yep the original bad ass thagrosh the messiah who strangely was the 2nd caster I ever bought and hes awesome at punching face! weighing in at pns18 with rapture that also makes things explode if you box them he can take down light jacks and beasts with ease he can also do plenty of damage with manifest destiny!

so thags in a nutshell is pretty much a beast heavy kinda guy with a unit or 2 for support and some fury management (like every caster lol)

so onto the list


with fury 7 thaggy can run lots of beasts quite easily the 2 main things here is the carnivean uses spiny growth and dragons blood to go 2 arm22 and then typhon using his healing animus along with a cloud from the succubus to become def15 with these to up front be hind the hellmouths you have either some hard targets to choose OR some big nasties to come and beat u up.

proteus is here to pull things from the hellmouth if they miss or to drag away and unjam other heavies if needed   and the naga gives me blessed !!

hellmouths are my control piece pulling in tasty jacks/casters or beasts that come to close giving me better board control

but I can still make some changes!

I can throw in some reaks at least 2 to threaten the far flanks as they get a 28" control range
a protector for free damage transfers

so that's all 5 lists and some changes for flavour!

on the legion forum some1 asked about auto includes so I think next till ill cover that and what you end up with pts wise after !

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