Tuesday, 16 August 2016

painting update

short n sweet this one  iv done the skin on all the beasts that iv recently acquired as well as started painting the black frost shard, vayl1 and abby2  I was really happy with how these turned out no shininess and very little pooling from the wash that I used.

when I did the re paint the first time round I had some shininess and pooling so I may end up re painting those as we have started a heat wave here in the UK and that's the best time to paint everything dries super quick!!

finally I airbrushed  goreshade and deathwalker  I really like his backstory and as its no1 hes jus turned to cryz to boost his power and try to save scyrah  and as he gets more powerful he is still hiding his true aims from the cryx overlords.  so in homage to that I'm painting him white in ret style colours and death walker looks lik a corpse bride which I like so shes done I used the same grey/white n it worked really well

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