Wednesday, 17 August 2016

bday geek gifts!!

so eventually I'll be off doing warmahordes steamrollers and getting flattened lol
Image result for flattened meme

but I can do it in style  iv got a shiny new notepad to write up my lists for my legion as well as a super awesome carry tray!
so it holds everything I own as well as 7 more spaces for heavies and 4 more for light beasts which means with duplicates this is more than enough to carry all my models for my lists!!

I also wasn't very happy with the original heavies so today I have re primed and based them so hopefully in the next few days ill get them looking like the new models iv just finished rather than the shiny pooled messes that I got now!  ill post up pics once they are done!

I'm also waiting on the hellmouth which should be here in the next few days and that will get painted up as well

short n sweet done! 

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