Sunday, 5 August 2012

painting - air brushing edition

so today ifixed up an airbrush  that  i borrowed  and   i was  given  a  carnefex from a friend to practice with  so here is what i found so far!!! iv been watching  tones  of videos  for techniques on airbrushing  etc on youtube so  if ur wanting anairbrush check them  out

a little bit about the air brush im using - im  using a gravity feed with paint flow control  and a compressor soican controll the amount of pressure  going thru the brush their  great for  large  models and tanks and beingable to control flow and pressure ucanbe really precise  

firstly  i think the layers go down quicker than a brush and are 100% smoother  the pic below  shows the fex  after  its coat of white

notice how clean the  colour is no  marks  from bristles!!! the  next coat is  black which sounds  odd but  its a technique called  pre shading  

now this was a a little harder gettin the  pressure and controll right  andsince its a practice i dont care lol the black is  a pre shade as i mentioned earlier  so  what iv done is sprayed the black where the recesses are the

wat will this do  when  i spray  the  talons and carapace 2 things will happen where the white is the colour will be brighter as white make scolours  lighter where their is black the colour will be darker so we get the appearance of layering using 1 colour asthe black shades the dark areas  :D

the next article  ill spray the carapace to show  the effects of preshading

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