Saturday, 11 August 2012

the rose in bloom

now ever since i started playing de iv loved them but after a year or so of playing their looking a little tired i also  dont like the colour scheme  its not how i envisioned it would be  so here is a picof a venom  with my old colour scheme

 this paint scheme is as follows

chaos  black base
2/1 mix of  red gore and chaos black
then  highlighted  red gore and blood red

this is the new scheme its  still dark and muted like dark eldar  should be  but the red is coming thru its not finished yet  but here is the new colour scheme
 skull white( or other white)
pre shade with chaos black
1 pipette of carroberg crimson(baal red)  half a pipetter of nuln oil(badab black) spray model untill the black and red are blended to create a sublte change in colour
highlight red gore  blood red blazing orange(on highest points and corners)
the gems either side will be green   starting with dark angels  green  the back half of the gem  knarloc green then a small line of goblin green on the knarloc then varnish 

the finished model will be up shortly

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