Friday, 17 August 2012

GW reply wat a surprise

well  gw  have  replied and thoroughly surprised, they are sending me a free  exalted seeker kit!!  so the little guy won :D 

so now with the original  kit ill be building the exalted seeker chariot so without further a do lets go!!!
this kit will be done in parts for ease of transporting it

firstly front chasis assembly

done  here is the  pic it was easy  enough!! lol

next  the combine  harvesters of doom!!!

that was  easy again  and  it attaches to the chasis in the middle u may not need 2 glue it but heres how it will look.

now its time to put 2 gether the steeds that will pull the mights combine harvester of doom!!

here how its looking so far  its a huge model transporting  3 of these will be hard

now its time to buil the to chasis  at this point check the depth of where it will be carried  i reckon this kit will be 3.5 inch tall mayber taller which means ull struggle 2 fit it in standard GW cases

now more harvesters of doom!!!

and here is how it looks so far

now  from here on it gets fiddly  as im keeping it a all seperate untill i fgure out how much space i need and for painting

next the riders were glued and the seats  and  here they are

it wont be fully built untill iv painted it so stay tuned

apoligies  for  uploading it and forgetting to add the pics lol

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