Wednesday, 1 August 2012

chaos deamons in 6th ed + update

first lets talk about some changes to the overall rule  book that i may have missed

chariots -  now chariots  add +1 to armour saves now theirs only 1 real bad ass who rides a chariot of doom and thats  mr skulltaker  yep  2+ armour  with WS7 S5 T5 w4 I5 A5   hes now a pure beast of awesome power well worth taking if u play chaos marines as a contingeant and  well worth lookin at  now for deamon armies

updated  units  i  havemy copy of the WD  booklet and here are the changes ( icant find the INV saves so i assume they havent changed if u kno where they are post it in the comments)

 plastic kits the  exalted  seeker  kit  is a limited  run but i think  for the  first  time GW are  producing  in 1  kit 2  models so snatch them  up while  you can id u plan on running  a pair of hell flayers or  a cavalcade (ill talk more bout these later  and y u should!!!)

first  new unit  in the  book  flamers

stat  change  +1I   +1W   now  they  used  2 be  35pts per model  now  its  69 for 3 then 23pts per model!! this means  5 models  used 2 cost 175 points they now cost 115  thats a reduction of 60pts :P

nuthin else has really changed except new models !!!

now  i will really  consider adding  a unit  of 5 2 my army 4+ to cause a glancing hit also  they ignore armour!!! no ap!! jus ignore armour AKA BYEBYE  TERMINATORS!!!!

next unit

stat change  +1I +1W  +2A old cost  16pts  per model  soaunit of 5 would be  80 points  new cost is 75pts for 3  then  25pts per model  making 5  140pts  expensive but  look wat they get!!
new abilities

lampreys bite replaces warp jaws  this is a   str5 ap2  armourbane attack    so  against  vehicles  its  2d6 pen  with a +1 to pen rolls and its  ap2  now at i4  they can easily take out  troops and termies hehe

they also have slashing attack  if they turbo boost over a unit they do d3 sttr4 hits per screamer so 5 screamers can do 15 str4 hits

will i take them ??  yes i will  140pts for another  decent  anti vehicle unit (250 for a tzeentch prince i may have 2 drop 1)

next model is  the hellflayers  these are a new  FA unit

stats WS5 bs0 S3 T3 W1 I6 A4 LD10 SV 3+ (the old chariots ive u 4+ if its  still the same then the chariots improves it by 1) their  60pts  each 

hellflayer F11 S11 R10 HP2 

special rules
fleshshredder this is amazing  u get  d6 str4 rending  hits  per hull point remaining for the hammer of wrath attacks (wait till  u see  wats  next  and other units  comming  up)  

soulscent (flayer only)  for  each unsaved saved wound  the turn u charge you get bonus attacks which is great!!

would i use this unit tho  not sure  its a great  speed bump / counter  unit

the last  unit is a squadron its  called the seeker calvalcade which is interesting its also  a heavy support  which means  expensive deamon princes are even harder to choose

the stats  the seeker  chariot + rider are the same stats  of the  hellflyer  without soulscent (iforgot 2 mention all new slaanesh units have grenades)  the  exalted chariot has 4  hullpoints  yes 4 !!!!!

points  now  this depends  on the  combo  that  u use   lets  look at the  same typesfirst

seeker chariot x3  this gets you  36 rending  hammer of wrath  attacks  at str4  before  combat then 15 rending attacks  all for  120 points  wow  with  hammer of wrath u can get AV13 at most  ireally can see this in most  lists

exalted x3  72 rending attacks for a whopping  270 points  now i would drop a deamon prince for this its awesome lol 

what i think  well see is  a mix 1 or 2 exalted with a seeker or 1 exalted with 2 seekers

1 exalted2 seekers gets you 48 rending attacks for 170
2exalted 1 seeker  get you 60 rending attacks for  230

next ill grab a rule book and put 2gether a new list


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