Saturday, 11 August 2012


its  bin a while since i posted any targets  so heres a general update  of wats been  happening

1 i sold all my  vampire counts
2 i got sum eldar
3 those eldar  need painting
4 im re painting my dark eldar
5 iv also made sum cheapo eldar bases  that ill show off here

targets  for this month

1 build all the eldar
2 spray them all white
3 fix all the dark eldar
4 spray them all white
5 do a test peice  for my new colour scheme

ok  so i was looking at some  resin  eldar  bases  n thought  i like them but i cant spend  loads on bases  so iv made sum eldar  mosiac style bases  on the cheap using green stuff this is because the theme for my allies army will be yin and yang. the  dark eldar are dark anduse dark colours where as the eldar are bright and vibrant.

on to the bases simply take the some green stuff spread it over the base then  score it  and u  get something like this

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