Wednesday, 15 August 2012

opening the exalted chariot + seeker chariot

right  iv jus bought  my exalted  chariot  what  a bloody rip off according to the gw  description you can build the exalted chariot with spare  parts to build  both the  hell flayer  and normal seeker chariot. but as per gw you only get  1 monster and 1 ovalbase so its  exalted OR the other 2 so iv complained and well see wat they say in a bit.

on to the kit!!

its a massive  box off the bat but is that bcoz thei shouldbe more in it lol :D

and as you can see for 3 kits  u only get  2 bases and 1 of each at that lol

plenty of sprues  tho  lots of combine harvester spikes!! lol

the seeker  is  pretty  much the same but in a smaller box  with less bits


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