Tuesday, 7 August 2012

air brush edition vol 2

hey guys

first things  first  airbrush cleaning!!  its a bugger annoying and time consuming  but  once the air brush is clean again you can start painting!!

the next thing iv learnt is mix the paint before putting it in the feed !!! 

now the lessons have been learned  on to the model  itself  youll remember  from the last post the fex was black and white.  the  white is the base and the  black is the pre shading areas (recessess)  so iv now applied the first  colour which is the carapace.

in this picture  i have started  to apply the purple  and you  can see that  where the white used2 be the colour is lighter and where its black its darker  the black is also comming jus to show the difference at this stage.

the next pictures are  off the  finished carapace the  transition from  the dark areas to the light areas is very sublte as iv used a darker purple but you can still see that their is a differece. notably  no brush marks!!! 

the  next colour that i willapply will be the skin tone this will be a challange to controll the air brush and flow so that i dont mark the carapace.

and if for some crazy reason  your  following this or using the same techniques for your own minis i used  liche  purple

any GW colour that is labelled as a"layer" will work  fine as well  i shouldalsopoint out using the GW "base"colours will give anoverall darker  result  where as the "highlight"  will give a lighter result 


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