Friday, 21 March 2014

autarchs multipurpose CC units

so for the first time I tried an autarch and their great the set up I used was:

warp spider generator
shard of anaris
phoenix gem
death spinner
banshee mask

this comes to 165 points n makes the unit fearless that he joins  banshee masks means the can take on other high I units like elder dark elder and nids 

the death spinner means he can join in with the fire and a full unit of 10 kicks out 23 shots

the shard makes the unit fearless and in combat he gets 2+ str rending and in a challenge he gets ID and fleshbane  so very gd and phoenix gem means when he dies he has a chance to come back with 1 wound

their equipment list means they can join nearly every unit to boost their potential or they can be made unit a super single man death star with

laser lance
phoenix gem

this gives  a fearless autarch re-rolling 2+ cover save and when he charges str8 ap3 with rending :D

not as the warlord they can be played very aggressively a unit that is well worth looking into

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